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Explore key topics with the revamped Map of Science subject filter

A partial screenshot of the Map of Science subject filter dialog.


Thousands of subjects at your fingertips

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Today, we're excited to release an easier-to-use, more powerful subject search for the Map of Science.

An animation of the Map of Science subject search feature.

Powered by a suite of CSET-developed machine learning models, the new search makes it easy to locate research clusters relevant to topics of interest. The topics available through the new search feature include:

Visit the Map of Science documentation to learn more about these categories and how they are constructed. Tooltips in the search interface also provide quick explanations and tips for how to most effectively use the different topic categories.

An animation of the Map of Science subject search feature. The user hovers over various tooltips, revealing explanatory text.

To start using this new feature, launch the Map of Science at As always, we're glad to help - visit our support hub to contact us, book live support with an ETO staff member or access the latest documentation for our tools and data. 🤖

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