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Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 1 (10/19-11/2/23)

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Skyrocketing AI server prices, solar megaprojects, supercomputers, advanced turbines, and the black market for GPT-4 access

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  • Samuel Garcia, governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, announced that Tesla's two Chinese suppliers will invest nearly $1 billion in the state. (36kr, 10/27/23)
  • Chinese automaker Xiaopeng Motors showcased its self-developed humanoid robot, which can withstand kicks and walk on diverse terrain. (36kr, 10/27/23)
  • ZhiduAI CEO Zhang Peng announced the launch of his company's third-generation LLM, ChatGLM3, claiming impressive benchmark performance and functionality. (Zhidx, 10/27/23)
  • Shanghai AI chip unicorn Suiyuan Technology won a large order from Xiamen Hongxin Electronics, forming a strategic partnership that could accelerate the deployment of domestically produced computing power. (Zhidx, 10/27/23)
  • A lengthy profile of universiity hotbeds for China's semiconductor industry, inclduing Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, and Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities, and the notable figures in China's semiconductor industry who graduated from each. (36kr, 10/26/23)
  • China's BYD has quickly grown to massive scale, with 600,000 employees working in huge industrial parks that effectively function as company towns. (36kr, 10/25/23)
  • Leading lights of China's science and tech community discussed topics from Ebola and COVID vaccines to next-generation semiconductors at the annual conference of the China Association for Science and Technology. (S&T Daily, 10/24/23)
  • Dahua Technology unveiled its "Xinghan" large-scale model and Future Communication Research Institute. (Leiphone, 10/24/23)
  • China National Energy Group started construction on 37 major new power projects, including 13 GW of alternative energy megaprojects as well as advanced combustion turbines and new coal-fired power projects. (S&T Daily, 10/24/23)
  • The 10th annual China-US Youth Maker Competition was held at Tsinghua University, with support from Intel and a focus on sustainable development. (Zhidx, 10/24/23)
  • Chinese white-collar workers are using OpenAI's GPT-4 to assist with their work, often using intermediaries and account resellers to circumvent restrictions on accessing the model from China. (36kr, 10/23/23)
  • The Chinese Association for Science and Technology formally announced its new list of major scientific and technology priorities. (S&T Daily, 10/22/23)
  • China's National Natural Science Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will jointly fund seven Chinese-led research projects to improve vaccine governance. (S&T Daily, 10/20/23)
  • AI-powered image enlargement and generation applications, such as Meitu Xiuxiu and Kuaishou, are gaining popularity in China. (36kr, 10/20/23)
  • An analyst compares Zhipu AI and Baichuan Intelligence, two leading Chinese LLM specialists, in terms of their financing, business approach, and model services. (36kr, 10/20/23)
  • Physicians and scientists at the prestigious Peking Union Medical College Hospital discuss how the quality of domestic medical equipment has improved and call for more R&D collaboration between Chinese manfuacturers and hospitals. (36kr, 10/20/23)
  • The price of AI servers in China has skyrocketed amidst supply shortages and intense demand, leading local manufacturers to invest heavily in developing new LLM-focused servers and hardware. (Zhidx, 10/20/23)
  • A China State Shipbuilding Corporation committee reports that China's industrial gas turbines have reached international advanced levels. (S&T Daily, 10/19/23)
  • Dongfang Turbine introduced China's first F-class 50MW heavy-duty gas turbine. (S&T Daily, 10/19/23)
  • A Chinese "netizen" informally tests Baidu's highly touted Wenxin 4.0 model against GPT-4 in tests related to memory, comprehension, logic, and generation, finding that GPT-4 wins overall despite notable advantages for the Baidu model. (36kr, 10/19/23)
  • Chinese researchers published a paper detailing a new deep learning framework that was tested on a powerful Chinese supercomputer. (Zhidx, 10/19/23)
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