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Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 12 (5/10/24-6/6/24)

A computer chip viewed through a circular lens.


AI dragons, neuromorphic chips, Kai-Fu Lee speaks, cancer drugs and a major new research institute

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  • Chinese Academy of Sciences researchers developed "Speck," a neuromorphic system-on-chip with energy consumption of only 0.7 milliwatts when completing typical computer vision tasks. (S&T Daily, 06/01/24)
  • The newly established Shanghai Institute for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences Institute, led by Fields Medalist Shing-Tung Yau, aims to advance basic and applied math research. (S&T Daily, 05/30/24)
  • AI poses a challenge for actors working in China's hyper-competitive voice acting industry, but coexistence may be possible. (36kr, 05/26/24)
  • Continued progress in Chinese cities' emerging "low-altitude economy" depends on regulatory reform, policy support, and infrastructure development. (Caijing, 05/25/24)
  • A high-level review of recent advances in Chinese cancer drugs, backed by rising private R&D investment and public support. (S&T Daily, 05/23/24)
  • Shen Dinggang, formerly a leading researcher at U.S. universities, is now developing advanced neuroimaging tools as co-CEO of a Chinese AI firm. (Leiphone, 05/22/24)
  • Semiconductor equipment maker ASML emphasized its efforts to develop Chinese semiconductor talent at a recent appearance in Shanghai. (S&T Daily, 05/23/24)
  • The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence released a new benchmark for LLMs and published evaluation results for 140+ models, exposing strengths and weaknesses for Chinese LLMs. (EE Times China, 05/20/24)
  • New estimates peg the number of LLMs in China at at least 305, but only 45% of them have completed the licensing process - and high computing costs may force others' developers to pivot or specialize. (36kr, 05/18/24)
  • China's government is encouraging domestic carmakers to buy more domestic chips, aiming to boost the chip "localization rate" from 10% to 25% this year and offering incentives. (EE Times China, 05/17/24)
  • Alibaba is investing heavily in Chinese AI startups, including by offering cloud computing power credits in exchange for equity. (36kr, 05/14/24)
  • In a wide-ranging interview, Kai-Fu Lee, AI industry veteran and founder of "unicorn" startup 01.AI, stresses the need to design AI for specific commercial applications. (Caijing, 05/13/24)
  • China's highly advanced shield tunnel boring machines now account for 70% of the global market. (S&T Daily, 05/11/24)
  • An in-depth report on "AI study rooms" - franchise-based, supposedly AI-enhanced tutoring centers being heavily promoted on Chinese social media platforms. (36kr, 05/08/24)
  • Chinese startups Zhipu AI, MiniMax, Dark Side of the Moon, and Baichuan Intelligence have emerged as the "New Four Little Dragons of AI," but longer-established competitors like SenseTime are potent rivals eager to stay competitive. (36kr, 05/07/24)
  • A Chinese transmission project deployed the nation's first domestically produced HVDC dry capacitors, breaking reliance on imports. (S&T Daily, 05/06/24)
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