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Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 2 (11/2-16/23)

A computer chip viewed through a circular lens.


Chimera monkeys, export controls, benchmark cheating, black markets, and job interviews via LLM

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  • China has unveiled the world's first 1.2T ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet backbone, connecting Beijing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou. (S&T Daily, 11/13/23)
  • A Chinese AI company founder reflects on the challenges that U.S. semiconductor export controls pose for China's AI industry and prospects for circumvention and substitution. (Leiphone, 11/13/23)
  • A new carbon capture & storage project, which would be China's largest, was approved for construction at a coal-fired power plant under development in Xinjiang. (S&T Daily, 11/11/23)
  • For the first time, Chinese researchers have successfully developed chimera monkeys using a high proportion of embryonic stem cells. (S&T Daily, 11/10/23)
  • China's "digital human" marketing industry is brutally competitive and increasingly industrialized, posing challenges for the operators of these virtual marketers and the businesses that sell through them. (Leiphone, 11/09/23)
  • China's tunnel boring machine (TBM) sector has advanced tremendously over the past 20 years and now accounts for 70% of the global market. (S&T Daily, 11/09/23)
  • Colorful anecdotes, anonymous quotes, and sky-high prices illustrate how China's online black market for NVIDIA chips is booming as U.S. export controls tighten. (36kr, 11/09/23)
  • Chinese financial institutions are experimenting with AI interviews in which potential hires answer questions from, and are scored by, AI programs. (36kr, 11/07/23)
  • Simou Technology released IndustryGPT V1.0, the world's first large language model made specifically for manufacturing (Zhidx, 11/07/23)
  • A skeptical take on the technical capabilities and financial prospects of leading Chinese AI startup Zhipu AI and its peers. (36kr, 11/06/23)
  •, founded by Kai-Fu Lee, open-sourced two new Chinese and English large models with the world's longest context windows - a record-breaking 200,000 tokens. (36kr, 11/06/23)
  • "Dolphin 1," a Chinese ship that uses high-tech monitoring, data analysis, and digital simulations to enhance navigation made its maiden voyage. (S&T Daily, 11/02/23)
  • 46 Chinese scientists have been chosen for the second iteration of the New Cornerstone Research Project, a Tencent-sponsored funding program for basic and exploratory research. (Leiphone, 11/01/23)
  • A critique of the widely discussed SuperCLUE benchmark and the Chinese LLM-based voice assistants it is often used to evaluate, which may be less capable and useful than advertised. (36kr, 11/01/23)
  • A detailed profile of Zhipu AI's ChatGLM3 model, highlighting comparisons between the GLM and GPT architectures, the benefits of open-sourcing models, and Zhipu's use of domestic chips. (Leiphone, 10/30/23)