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Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 3 (11/17-30/23)

A computer chip viewed through a circular lens.


AI plagiarism, cancer detectors, talent shortages, nuclear reactors, and a new agency for data

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  • Wang Chen, President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, described China's medical research as improving but well behind other countries, advocating support for research, clearer career development opportunities, and interdisciplinary training to help narrow the gap. (S&T Daily, 11/23/23)
  • Established earlier this year, China's National Data Bureau undertakes a variety of data-related responsibilities that reflect China's focus on data as a factor of economic production. (S&T Daily, 11/23/23)
  • China's industrial 3D vision companies face a shortage of talent, including application engineers who understand complex industrial scenes and other personnel with practical, sector-specific experience. (Leiphone, 11/22/23)
  • Research by Alibaba's DAMO Academy and global collaborators reveals that AI can help greatly improve the early detection of pancreatic cancer. (Leiphone, 11/21/23)
  • Chinese battery manufacturers are eager to expand into Europe, but industry leader CATL has faced significant challenges in its first overseas factory in Germany. (36kr, 11/21/23)
  • An interview with the chief designer of China's "Linglong 1," the world's first small modular pressurized water nuclear reactor to pass the International Atomic Energy Agency's safety review. (S&T Daily, 11/17/23)
  • In a wide-ranging discussion, three Chinese AI experts explore themes in AI safety and ethics, China's approach to AI regulation, value alignment, and more. (36kr, 11/17/23)
  • Yi-34B, a large language model developed by Chinese AI company 01.AI, has been accused of plagiarizing Meta's LLaMa model without credit. (36kr, 11/15/23)
  • Many Chinese AI companies are struggling to raise funds and differentiate themselves in a crowded industry led by U.S. firms. (36kr, 11/13/23)
  • Sales of fuel-powered vehicles in China remain strong as they retain some advantages over electric vehicles, particularly in rural areas. (36kr, 11/13/23)