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Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 6 (1/12/24-1/25/24)

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AI meets elder care, tech chokepoints, commercial rockets, and a powerful quantum computer - plus, a CSET expert discusses AI benchmarks and their limitations

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  • With AI racing ahead and China's elderly population becoming more receptive to technology, AI for senior care is rapidly evolving. (36kr, 01/17/24)
  • Chinese AI companies are working to ensure a steady supply of high-quality training data for large language models. (S&T Daily, 01/15/24)
  • The cities of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai have complementary specializations in the chip industry, giving rise to a sophisticated semiconductor ecosystem in the Yangtze River Delta. (36kr, 01/15/24)
CSET Expert View

Each week, a CSET expert offers insight into recent news from Scout. Today's viewpoint is from Data Research Analyst Mina Narayanan.

“Assessments of highly capable AI models tend to focus on how these models perform on well-known public benchmarks. A skeptical commentary recently featured in Scout ("The shortcut to surpassing GPT4 was found by domestic large models," 12/27/23) correctly notes that these benchmarks may incentivize developers to “teach for the test,” or train their models to perform well in specific situations but not necessarily generalize to other tasks. Given this, the commentator believes “assessment of large models will invariably transition to user experience and applications.” I agree. Assessment of large models should include testing in different contexts to gain a more holistic understanding of model performance, and standard guidance around defining and prioritizing use cases for testing is very much needed.”

  • This detailed article describes the development of government cloud services in China, exploring how competition between cloud providers is intensifying as the market evolves and LLMs are increasingly used for city services. (36kr, 01/12/24)
  • A profile of China's Gravity-1 commercial carrier rocket, which recently sent three satellites into orbit from Shandong Province. (36kr, 01/12/24)
  • A wide-ranging interview with noted consultant and supply chain analyst Lin Xueping discussing the nature of technological chokepoints, the state of supply chains in China, the impacts of the China-US trade war, and many other subjects. (36kr, 01/09/24)
  • China's Ministry of Education called for local education departments to crack down on illegal tutoring sessions during the winter break from school. (S&T Daily, 01/07/24)
  • China's third-generation, domestically-developed superconducting quantum computer, "Origin Wukong," featuring a 72-bit self-developed superconducting quantum chip, went online at Origin Quantum Technology. (S&T Daily, 01/06/24)
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