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🦜 Track AI activity across the private sector: introducing PARAT

A partial screenshot of the PARAT tool


AI research, patenting and talent indicators for hundreds of global companies

We're excited to introduce PARAT (Private-Sector AI-Related Activity Tracker), the Emerging Technology Observatory's new hub for data on private-sector companies and their AI activities. PARAT brings together diverse data on companies' AI research publications, patents, and hiring. Use the PARAT web interface to explore how hundreds of leading companies around the world are engaged in AI, from Big Tech titans and leading generative AI startups to the entire S&P 500.

An animated screenshot from the PARAT web interface. The user manipulates filters in the main table view to narrow results to United States companies with more than 100 AI patents.

Built on a multi-domain dataset integrating the latest information from our Merged Academic Corpus with patent and workforce data from leading providers, PARAT's streamlined interface is designed for efficient, flexible analysis of AI trends at the individual company level and beyond. Try it for questions like:

An animated screenshot from the PARAT web interface. The user scrolls through the detail page for Microsoft, revealing tables and charts.

We're also pleased to make publicly available PARAT's source, the Private-Sector AI Indicators. This original dataset transforms information from a wide variety of sources into AI-related research, patenting, and hiring metrics for every company covered in PARAT. It also includes CSET- and ETO-curated metadata and identifiers, allowing easy integration with other workflows and data sources. Visit the documentation to learn more.

PARAT is live today at As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or drop by for live support during our standing office hours. Good luck exploring! 🦜

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