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The Emerging Technology Observatory creates high-quality data resources to inform critical decisions on emerging technology issues.

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2023-11-16Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 2 (11/2-16/23)
2023-11-09ETO's blog is now available on Substack
2023-11-03Editors' picks from ETO Scout: volume 1 (10/19-11/2/23)
2023-10-10Validating research trends with the Map of Science: a case study from the SMASIS conference

There has never been more information available on global science and technology.

We're here to help you make sense of this fast-moving, often overwhelming world. The Emerging Technology Observatory is a public platform for data and insight on critical emerging technology issues. Building on CSET's deep data and analytic capabilities, we transform emerging tech information from diverse sources into accessible tools and resources - empowering you to analyze, communicate, and act with data-driven confidence.

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Our tools

Country Activity Tracker

Track global research, patenting, and investment in AI and its applications with our user-friendly dashboard.
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Research Almanac

The Research Almanac maps high-level trends in global emerging technology research, with an initial focus on topics in AI.


open-source software
ETO's Open-source software Research and Community Activity (ORCA) tool compiles data on open-source software (OSS) used in science and technology research.

Map of Science

ETO’s Map of Science collects and organizes the world’s research literature, making it easy to pinpoint key trends, hotspots, and concepts in global science and technology.

Supply Chain Explorer: Advanced Semiconductors

supply chain
ETO's guide to the vast, complex, and critical supply chain for advanced computer chips.


ETO's discovery tool for Chinese-language writing on science and technology.